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By plane
Once you arrive to Čilipi airport you can reach the city by taxi (the price is app. 250 kunas or app. 35 Euros for one direction) or you can take a shuttle bus which is linked with each plane lending. The bus will first drive you to Pile area which is 10 minutes away from Paola Di Rosa on foot. The bus ticket from the airport is 35 kunas or app. 5 Euros in one direction.

By bus
Once you reach the main bus station in the neighborhood called Gruž,  you can get a taxi or you can wait for a local bus (1A and 1B) to take you to your desired destination.

By car
Parking on all Dubrovnik streets is charged. Free parking is very hard to find therefore it is recommended to use public transportation.

Public transportation
Dubrovnik is a rather small town so most destinations are within walking distance. However, there are many buses that cover all parts of the city. The map of bus lines can be found at www.libertasdubrovnik.com/mrgrad.swf while the time table can be found at www.libertasdubrovnik.com/gradski.pdf.
The price for a one-way ticket is 12 kunas if purchased on the bus, or you can buy a ticket at the newsstand for 10 kunas.


Dubrovnik has a wide variety of accommodation possibilities as a tourist city. Participants of International Bioethics Summer School 2016 may choose to stay at the Inter University Centre dormitory, at the Paola di Rosa dormitory, or hotel and private accommodations. Participants are responsible for covering their own accommodations. Arrangements for hotel and private accommodations are at responsibility of participants.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a dormitory on the top floor of the Inter University Center (IUC) , the venue of the program, that offers discounted prices for participants.

Date Facility Room type # of rooms # of beds price/person
August 4-14 IUC Single 13 13 30 €
August 6-14 IUC Double 12 24 25 €
August 6-14 IUC Apartment (2 single rooms) 1 2 20 €
August 6-14 IUC Apartment (2 double rooms) 1 4 15 €

The Inter-University Centre is located at the address Don FranaBulića 4, in the vicinity of the Dubrovnik historical centre. The building was originally a school constructed in the first years of the 20th century. In the attic space of the building there is a dormitory containing 56 beds. All bedrooms have their own bathroom and are air-conditioned. Participants in IUC courses and conferences have a computer room with internet connection and printer at their disposal every work day from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. The computer room is used both for every day communication and for preparation of seminar papers and course presentations.

A central courtyard with 4 old chestnut trees contributes to the atmosphere of the building since many social and academic gatherings take place there. Whether it is a venue for welcome parties or coffee breaks which can be easily organized at the ground floor cafeteria or with the nearby restaurant, the courtyard is always offering relaxing ambience. It is covered with wireless signal so on a clear day many participants replace the computer room with the outside bench.

The building has a large conference hall which can accommodate 110 participants, 7 classrooms of different sizes, a tele-conferencing room, two cabinets and a library. The library, located on the first floor, is composed as joint collection of the IUC and of several programs of the University of Zagreb. The IUC part comprises some 10000 volumes donated by various IUC member universities, individual professors/course organizers and publishers from different parts of the world.


Paola Di Rosa dormitory is located at the address Volantina ulica 1, in the vicinity of the Dubrovnik historical centre, and only 5 minutes away on foot from the Inter-University Centre, the summer program venue. All rooms have their own bathroom, Wi-Fi and air-condition. Recently renovated, the building offers an astonishing view of the sea and a four star hotel comfort.

Date Facility Roomtype # of rooms price/person
August 4-14 Paola di Rosa Single 7 45 €
August 4-14 Paola di Rosa Double 7 35€
August 4-14 Paola di Rosa Triple 6 30€

Participants may also choose to make reservations using AirBnb.