Ethical and Global Issues in Informed Consent

Ethical and Global Issues in Informed Consent

This session will explore the ethical considerations relating to informed consent for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment modalities, refusals against medical advice, and the circumstances under which the patient’s preferences may be presumed or overridden by the attending clinician.  In addition to conventional underpinnings of the informed consent doctrine relating to autonomy over personhood, the session will also consider other less frequently discussed benefits of the doctrine for the patient and for the clinician.  There also will be an interactive seminar that leverages the cultural and professional diversity of the program’s participants to consider disparate international norms relating to informed consent approaches, and to explore special considerations relating to informed consent of patients in developing countries.



Madeleine Schachter, J.D. Lecturer, Division of Medical Ethics, Department of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY.


Reading(s) and/or Website(s):

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  • Students are encouraged to peruse the website and the posted decision aid examples but are not expected to review its entirety.

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